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How does your retirement plan look?

Deciding on the best financial advisor is never easy, especially when it comes to managing your retirement savings. The investment industry is full of options. Many consumer options are product based, some are fee based and the rest are fee only. We are fee only financial advisors.  


At Kerr Wealth Management we are here to help empower you and help you prepare for the retirement you deserve. A retirement plan could help you decide the age and income at which you’ll be able to retire. With you, our Fresno retirement services could also help you with meaningful calculations, without it feeling like a boring exercise. We take into account all forms of your current income, retirement assets, projected rates of return plus the effect that inflation will have on your future purchasing power.

What is retirement planning you ask?

Retirement planning is at the core of our financial planning service. Using retirement planning calculations and what if scenarios, we take into account your current income, retirement assets, projected rates of return and the effect inflation will have on your future purchasing power.

As cliche as it is, would you go on a long vacation without planning first? At Kerr Wealth Management in Fresno, CA we will take the time to understand your situation, retirement goals, healthcare, long term care funding, investment objectives and potentially less or more depending on your needs. 

* The retirement planning process may result in recommendations to rollover retirement assets and could result in a recommendation for insurance. Additionally Andrew Kerr is a licensed insurance agent and may provide insurance services to clients as a result of a retirement plan and this creates a conflict of interest because additional compensation could be made. 

Starting a retirement plan with us is easy because we don't sell you investment products. 
So many "financial advisors" are thrilled to present an investment, cash value life insurance, or annuity program as a "financial plan." In reality these "retirement products" are not a plan but should be placed following a minimum level of evaluation to confirm if a product, insurance amount or investment is the right choice for you. 

Our goal is simple. Help you find the best balance between enjoying life, and making sure you have enough money to retire and last through retirement. 


We create retirement plans that could help you with:

  • Discovering your goals, needs and objectives.

  • Plan for retirement living transitions.

  • Cash Management.

  • Cash Budgeting.

  • Tax Planning and RMD's - required minimum distributions.

  • Investment Review.

  • Investment Review.

  • Investment Planning.(Life Insurance, Critical Illness, Accident & Medicare)

  • Trust Planning.

  • Insurance Needs.

  • Long Term Care Funding.

  • Retirement & Assisted Living Needs.

  • Medicaid funding needs and the medicaid application process.

  • Social Security Income Planning.

Are you retired or close to retirement? Do you worry about cash flow or maybe:


  • How can I maximize Social Security benefits?

  • How do I create a retirement income paycheck?

  • What happens to my loved ones if I die?

  • Should I convert my IRA’s to Roth, and how much?

  • Do I need long term care insurance?

  • Will I run out of money if I…?

  • Will I leave too much money behind when I die?

  • Should I do a reverse mortgage?

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