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Our Advisor Fees

As fiduciaries we are required to disclose our fees but more 

importantly we advocate for transparency and would disclose them to you anyway.

Financial Advisor Fee's

Portfolio management fees: A percentage of assets we manage for you. 


Financial Planning: Hourly or per project.

Tax Preparation: Hourly or per project.


Please refer to the link titled ADV at the bottom of our website for a full description of our fees. 

About our fees and compensation
The term fee-only does not mean that we may not recommend services or products from any of our affiliated companies that may generate additional income through a product sale or service. Fee only means that our investment advisors only charge a fee for financial planning or asset management services.  Our financial planning and asset management fee's are disclosed before we start working for you and can also be found in a document called an ADV that discloses our company fee structure. Andrew Kerr or administrative staff will provide this document to you before or at the time you become a client. This document is traditionally handed to you and will be mailed to you annually. As disclosed in our ADV, we may recommend insurance services, record keeping services or other administrative retirement plan services through our affiliated insurance company or payroll and retirement plan administrative company which may result in a conflict of interest because additional compensation may be earned by our affiliated companies.  Generally, products are recommended after a plan or situation is addressed and or when we have mutually gained a better understanding of your needs. These disclosures can be found in our ADV at the bottom of the footer of our website. 

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