Portfolio Review

Portfolio Review Services for Business Retirement Plans and Individuals

Poor diversification could diminish your portfolio's risk-adjusted return. Over concentration in anyone fund or stock could be affected by company-specific, negative news (headline risk) can subject a portfolio to losses. While US stocks have performed extremely well over the years, diversifying across sectors and international markets could offer higher risk-adjusted returns.

Is your portfolio at risk

Are you losing money to commissions and fees?

All to often clients have come to us because they found out they were paying exorbitant stock broker fees or paying for high fees investment products and unnecessary transaction costs. Excessive fees could add up to thousands over the years. 

How much are fees costing you?

Is your portfolio tax efficient?

Tax-loss harvesting can help with market volatility to reduce your taxes. By properly selling off the losers in your portfolio you can take advantage of momentum by purchasing more correlated assets. 

Can tax loss harvesting help your tax bill?