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Planning and Financial Advice

A financial plan for every aspect of your life.

You’ve just retired, or perhaps you experienced a major health or financial challenge — and you’re life is going to change. You need help focusing on what to do financially but maybe you do not know where to start? Try a fee-only financial advisor at Kerr Wealth Management.

Your Financial Challenges

Whether you’re starting a business,  starting over or moving on; the right financial plan can help you move forward with clarity and confidence. 


Common challenges include:

  • I need help to manage my personal finances!

  • How can I get more tax deductions?

  • What kind of retirement plan does my business need?

  • I just had a child - what kind of savings plan should I start?

  • How do I pay off student loans? Should I pay them and my credit cards off before saving and investing?

  • Should I buy or lease my next car?

  • How will I pay for my wedding?

  • Can I afford to buy a home?

  • Will I be able to retire?

  • I just got divorced and need help creating a cash flow plan.

  • My spouse just passed away and I inhertied an IRA.

  • My parents just passed away and I inherited a large estate.

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