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Investment Management Capabilities

  • Exchange Traded Funds - ETF
  • Smart Beta and Multi factor ETF
  • Global ETF
  • Global and Domestic Mutual Funds
  • US Stocks
  • Foreign Stocks
  • Bond Funds
  • Government Bonds 
  • Corporate Bonds
  • High Yield Bonds
  • Global Bond Funds
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts - REIT
  • Self Directed Real Estate and Rental Properties

ETF's and Strategic Portfolios

Kerr Wealth Management core investment portfolios are built around ETF models. We believe they offer a more tax efficient and low cost solution to managing client money. 

What is an ETF


Stocks are an important part of our approach. We use individual stocks for clients who want direct ownership of a public company, inflation protection or just dont want to use mutual funds or ETF's altogether.

What is a Stock

Mutual Funds

For clients with lower balances or looking for a specific fund or asset class, we will utilize no load mutual funds. 

What is a Mutual Fund

Self Directed IRA's

For the savy real estate investors we can help you open a self directed IRA and we can help with the leg work by providing cash flow analysis and crucial financial projections.

Self Directed IRA Investing

The Economic Cycle in Four Stages

You may have heard of the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER); it's the organization that announces a recession has officially ended—three years after the fact. The data may be slow to develop, and a bit dry, but a little digging can provide insight into investment decisions. Here is a list of the four basic stages of the economic cycle, and some associated telltale signs of the economic stages. Keep in mind these usually trail the market cycle by a few months.

At Blosser Harrison we think it's vital four our clients and our Advisors to understand where we are at in the economic cycle. Understanding how the economic cycle works can help you understand how different investments work in different times of the cycle. With our almost unlimited investment capabilities we can help you design and manage a tailored investment approach. 

Early Recession

This is where things start to go bad for the overall economy. Consumer expectations are at their worst; industrial production is falling; interest rates are at their highest and the yield curve is flat or even inverted. Historically, three  sectors have found favor during these rough times:

Services (near the beginning)


Cyclicals and transports (near the end)

Full Recession

This is not a good time for businesses or the unemployed. Gross domestic product (GDP) has been retracting quarter over quarter, interest rates are falling, consumer expectations have bottomed and the yield curve is normal. Sectors that have historically profited most in this stage include:

Cyclicals and transports (near the beginning)


Industrials (near the end)

Early Recovery

In this stage, things are starting to pick up. Consumer expectations are rising, industrial production is growing, interest rates have bottomed and the yield curve is beginning to get steeper. Historically, successful sectors at this stage include:

Industrials (near the beginning)

Basic materials

Energy (near the end)

Late Recovery

Late Recovery

In this stage, interest rates can be rising rapidly, with a flattening yield curve. Consumer expectations are beginning to decline and industrial production is flat. Here are the historically profitable sectors in this stage:

Energy (near the beginning)


Services (near the end)

Investment Accounts Types

  • IRA
  • Joint Accounts
  • Investment Accounts
  • UTMA and UGMA Accounts
  • Traditional 401(k) 
  • Solo 401(k)
  • Trust Accounts
  • Inherited Accounts and Inherited IRA's
  • SIMPLE Plans
  • Profit Share Plans
  • Rollover IRA

*Diversification, smart beta, low cost ETF’s, stocks and mutual funds all carry risk specific to their security type and diversification does not mean low risk or mean that you cannot lose principal value. Investors should consider their risk tolerance or do some financial planning to help determine their risk tolerance and investment needs. Kerr Wealth Management may use pre-built investment models with ETF’s and mutual funds and or utilize individual stocks for clients with long term horizons or an appetite for risk in exchange for potential growth. Our capabilities refer to general types of accounts and investments we have access to as an advisory firm. Nothing on this page should be interpreted as advice because it is not intended to be financial advice.

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