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Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Advisory


Looking for Cryptocurrency advice?

The financial advisors at Kerr Wealth Management are well versed in cryptocurrency concepts and the various digital coins and wallets available to you. Let us help you so you make the right choice.

Stocks on a Screen

Cryptocurrency Wallet

Choosing the correct wallet is important. There are many considerations from costs, transaction fees, security risks and more. 

One Coin

Cryptocurrency Investing

Choosing from Bitcoin to Ethereum and all the currencies in between can be a challenge. Learning about this non FIAT currency can be a serious challenge and making the wrong move could be detrimental to your life savings.

Accounting Documents

Cryptocurrency Tax Management

Did you know that most of the cryptocurrency platforms do not give you a cost basis or a year end tax report? IRS Notice 2014-21 IRB 2014-16 defines the tax reporting guidelines for virtual currency investors and yes the IRS now has a section on tax returns just for cryptocurrency reporting. Our experienced tax experts will guide you properly to ensure you don't mistep.

*Tax services provided by Kerr Tax Advisors, LLC.

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