About Kerr Wealth Management in Fresno, CA

Kerr Wealth Management is a fee-only registered investment advisor staffed with Certified Financial Planners (CFP), accountants and retirement plan consultants. We specialize in investments, financial planning and financial advice.

Aside from what we do for customers, the Kerr Companies is independent of a Broker/Dealer or insurance company. Being independent helps us work directly with our clients objectively. We bill our clients directly so there is no middle man or product sales. 

Our independence helps us create winning customer experiences. From the way we are compensated to the way we work for you, your best interest is always front and center. Our customer experience's mean everything to us and we make it our goal to make you feel like family every time you call, come to one of our offices or during your annual financial checkup.

Our Core Values

  1. Value People

  2. Embrace Change

  3. Do Right by Customers

  4. Delight Customers

  5. Be Educators, Not Salesman


Who do we work with?

  • Small business owners to midsize operations. (1-150 employees).

  • Individuals planning for retirement.

  • Employees retirement plan participants.

  • Business owners and their families.

  • Professionals. (Attorney, Accountant, Physicians, Executives)

  • Planning for a child's education.

  • Recently retired individuals in need of 401k and retirement income planning.

  • Individuals and businesses who are transitioning away from a stock broker, insurance agent or robo-advisor. 

  • Individuals who have been harmed by a life insurance or annuity product.


How do we work with our clients? 

Financial Checkup - we pride ourselves on offering financial checkups designed to capture your current status and while creating an updated road-map for your future.

Portfolio Management - Coupled with our straightforward investment philosophy we combine our professional experience and technology to manage investment portfolios for plan participants and individual investment clients. 

Tax Planning - Integrating all things finance for you and your business we can further minimize taxes.

Retirement Planning and Financial Planning - At Kerr Wealth Management, we offer more than just investment advice. Our advisors will help you design a personalized financial plan to help you address many aspects of your financial life and line up your portfolio with your goals.

Delightful Customer Service - customer service is everything to us,  and we know what it means to our customers. Quick responses, attentive to your needs and an educational sounding board.

Kerr Financial Planning Corporation (Kerr Wealth Management, Inc.) is a privately owned company, founded by Andrew Kerr. In the early 2000's, owner Andrew Kerr took an interest in finance and in 2015 took a serious look at the way financial services were being offered to the public. The majority of financial planning and investment services were offered through product providers and broker dealers. This old fashion model left a nasty cloud over the industry in Andrew's view because it put the financial advisor's priorities first. Starting a fee-only financial planning and investment advisory company was a sound choice and has been successful and professionally rewarding for Kerr Wealth Management and it's retention of customers. 


Today, Kerr Wealth Management is your all day, every day stop for a financial checkup, retirement plan or 401(k) plan. We offer many fee-only services from custom portfolio design to business advisory and financial coaching. Kerr Wealth Management is located in Fresno, CA and serving customers locally in Fresno and Clovis California and throughout various states. 


Kerr Wealth Management

2507 W. Shaw Ave., Suite 107

Fresno, CA 93711

559-277-4772 Monday - Friday 8:30am - 5:00pm PST

*RIA is not a designation. Please refer to our ADV for a full list of disclosures. You can find our ADV at the bottom of our website which will disclose all services provided and all applicable fees. Kerr Wealth Management is not a CPA firm, does not prepare taxes and does not provide legal advice or prepare trust documents or other legal documents. Kerr Wealth Management does provide incidental tax and estate planning services as part of the financial planning process. 

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Kerr Financial Planning Corporation

2507 W. Shaw Ave. Fresno, CA 93711

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Important notice regarding investment advisory services: Fee-based means we charge fees for financial plans and investment management. From time to time we may be asked by a client to help purchase a product through our affiliate or we may find that a product is suitable in lieu of the stock market. This creates a conflict of interest because a commission is earned for such product sales. Financial Planning, Investment Advisory and ERISA services offered through Kerr Financial Planning Corporation, Inc. DBA: Kerr Wealth Management, A Registered Investment Advisor, (RIA). RIA does not mean a designation. Retirement plan administration, record keeping, 5500 filings and general retirement plan documents, tax services and accounting services provided by Kerr Payroll Solutions, LLC a provider of payroll and retirement plan administration. Insurance products are not sold or provided by Kerr Wealth Management. Insurance services are provided by Kerr Insurance Brokers, Inc. Kerr Insurance Brokers, Inc., Kerr Payroll Solutions, LLC. and Kerr Wealth Management are affiliated. Kerr Wealth Management is not affiliated to any investment custodian mentioned on this site. Kerr Wealth Management and it' Financial Advisor's give insurance, pension, limited tax, limited estate, business development, investment management, retirement plans and other advisory services or advice. This website is not to be interpreted as advice whatsoever, nor is it a solicitation of an investment or security. To view the status of your financial advisor's licensing, credentials, certifications, professional background and disclosures go to www.adviserinfo.sec.gov. Trade orders must be made verbally or in person or in writing. Interest or other requests that are not trade orders may be accepted via text. This website should not be considered as financial, legal, tax or investment advice. Kerr and it's advisor's do not give legal. Any recommendations relating to corporate structure or tax should be verified by your accountant or attorney. Diversification, active management and asset allocation do not guarantee returns or eliminate risk. Diversification could still lead to loss of principal value. Diversification and asset allocation attempt to spread risk across various asset classes. Self directed IRA's do not guarantee growth and investors should understand the risk before investing in real estate, commodities, precious metals, tax liens, notes or other alternative assets. Kerr Wealth Management and it's advisor's are not real estate agents, brokers and do not provide legal real estate advice. Investors are solely responsible for their decisions to invest in a self directed IRA. Kerr Wealth Management and it's Advisor's do not make recommendations of any specific investments through a self directed IRA account other than traditional investments like publicly trades securities like mutual funds, ETF's, stocks, bonds, CD's and Cash. We may assist investors understand the risk and potential cash flow or loss associated with a self directed IRA investment that is not a traditional publicly traded security. Kerr Wealth Management and it's advisor's are not commodity brokers, advisor's or traders. Self directing involves potential tax complications and unique risk that may be higher or lower than investing in publicly traded markets and investors should consult with their tax advisor about potential UBIT or UDFI taxation. Videos posted on our website may or may not be produced or owned by Kerr Wealth Management and may have been provided by a fund company or third party. We do not warranty or guarantee the information in the videos and the content in the videos should only be interpreted as educational or informational. Not financial advice. Kerr Wealth Management's financial planning process may require a few hours to multiple meetings and various drafts. Incomplete or incorrect information provided to Kerr Wealth Management during the planning process may have an adverse affect on the planning result and it is up to the client to confirm and verify information provided and the accuracy of plan data. It is up to the client to adopt and act on the changes recommended and up to the client to follow the disciplines recommended beyond the initial planning process. Review meetings are recommended but planning ceases at the delivery of an initial plan. Various aspects of the financial planning process may include conflicts of interest. Conflicts exist when we recommend investing, purchasing an insurance product or annuity or service provided by one of our affiliates because additional compensation is involved which may be commissions. Annuities may be part of a plan recommendation or product recommendation when a client is desiring fixed income or long term asset protection. Recommending such product creates a conflict of interest because a commission is earned and is in addition to fees charged for planning or other advisory services. Recommendations related to retirement accounts and recommendations to use any insurance service, retirement administration or other service from one of our affiliated companies could be a conflict of interest because additional compensation may be earned. Nothing on this website should be considered a recommendation or solicitation of investment advice or products. Nothing our advisors, staff, website or other affiliates say or do is conflict free. Virtually all recommendations and actions involve a conflict of interest and it is up to the customer to act on an recommendations or inquire about such conflicts. Our advisors and affiliate's may be compensated for the sale of insurance products, retirement plan record keeping services, payroll or bookkeeping. Please read our ADV brochure below to understand how our fee structure works as well as any other services that may be provided by our company or affiliated Kerr Companies that could create a conflict of interest. Kerr Wealth Management does review tax returns as part of our financial planning services but and does provide tax preparation services directly to the public. If tax services are recommended this also creates a conflict of interest because additional compensation is earned by our affiliate in addition to the fee's charged for advisory and planning. Kerr Wealth Management does not draft wills or trusts however Kerr Wealth Management may review your will or trust as part of the financial planning process. Kerr Wealth Management's advisory staff may recommend fixed annuity products as a fixed income or asset protection allocation in lieu of bond or CD markets when interest rates are too low to accomodate a client's need's or interest. This creates a conflict of interest if the annuity is purchased through our affiliate becasue a commission is earned for the sale of such product. 

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