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Kerr Wealth Management is a fee only Registered Investment Advisor and financial planning company located in Fresno, CA.

Aside from what we do for customers, the Kerr Companies have a winning customer service model and core values. Our customer experience's mean everything to us and we make it our goal to make you feel like family every time you call, come to one of our offices or during your annual financial checkup.

Our Core Values

  • Value People
  • Embrace Change
  • Do Right by Customers
  • Delight Customers
  • Be Educators, Not Salesman

Who do we work with?

  • Small business owners to midsize operations. (1-150 employees).
  • Individuals planning for retirement.
  • Employees retirement plan participants.
  • Business owners and their families.
  • Professionals. (Attorney, Accountant, Physicians, Executives)
  • Planning for a child's education.
  • Recently retired individuals in need of 401k and retirement income planning.
  • Individuals and businesses who are transitioning away from a stock broker, insurance agent or robo-advisor. 
  • Individuals who have been harmed by a life insurance or annuity product.

How do we work with our clients? 

  • Financial Checkup - we pride ourselves on offering financial checkups designed to capture your current status and while creating an updated roadmap for your future.
  • Portfolio Management - Coupled with our straightforward investment philosophy we combine our professional experience and technology to manage investment portfolios for plan participants and individual investment clients. 
  • Retirement Planning and Financial Planning - At Kerr Wealth Management, we offer more than just investment advice. Our advisors will help you design a personalized financial plan to help you address many aspects of your financial life and line up your portfolio with your goals.
  • Pension and Benefit Investment Advisory 
  • Delightful Customer Service - customer service is everything to us and we know what it means to our customers. Quick responses, attentive to your needs and an educational sounding board.

Kerr Financial Planning Corporation (Kerr Wealth Management, Inc.) is a privately owned company, founded by Andrew Kerr. In the early 2000's, owner Andrew Kerr took an interest in finance and in 2015 took a serious look at the way financial services were being offered to the public. The majority of financial planning and investment services were offered through product providers and broker dealers. This old fashion model left a nasty cloud over the industry in Andrew's view because it put the financial advisor's priorities first. Starting a fee-only financial planning and investment advisory company was a sound choice and has been successful and professionally rewarding for Kerr Wealth Management and it's retention of customers. 

Today, Kerr Wealth Management is your all day, every day stop for a financial checkup, retirement plan or 401(k) plan. We offer many fee-only services from custom portfolio design to business advisory and financial coaching. Kerr Wealth Management is located in Fresno, CA and serving customers locally in Fresno and Clovis California and throughout various states. 

Kerr Wealth Management

2507 W. Shaw Ave., Suite 107

Fresno, CA 93711

559-277-4772 Monday - Friday 8:30am - 5:00pm PST

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*RIA is not a designation. We are not CPA's or attorneys and client's should consult with either for legal or tax advice. Please refer to our ADV for a full list of disclosures. You can find our ADV at the bottom of our website which will disclose all services provided and all applicaple fees.