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Physician Wealth Services

Physicians need financial checkups just like everyone else. You can think of us as your primary care provider for your personal or private practice finances. Kerr Wealth professional's in Fresno, CA specialize in financial planning, and designing tailored investment portfolios for physicians - in a fee-only setting. Our private wealth advisors are experienced and will take care of  your financial health.

Financial Planning for Physicians in Fresno, CA and Nationwide

Kerr Wealth Management offers value to private practice physicians and hospitalists with our fee-only approach and ability to make complex financial circumstances simple. Our experienced wealth advisors have over 50 years of collective experience guiding physician risk management needs, developing prudent tax strategies such as profit share plans and pension plans and tailoring hands on growth investment portfolios. Our priority is simple - help physicians make a material impact in their lives. 

Whether your searching for a new trusted financial advisor or you have recently switched advisors, its good to work with a firm who can guide you and give you clarity on your financial future.

Financial Planning Process for Physicians

Step One - Getting to Know Each Other

Get to know each other and discover your personal and professional goals, explore a mutual understanding and schedule a discovery meeting by phone, video conference or in person.

Step Two - Gather Data and Get to Work

We'll talk about your personal and professional aspirations, discuss your goals in depth and establish action items.

Your private wealth advisor will also gather financial data, assess your data and develop a tailored approach specific to the financial needs of your family and or your practice.

Step Three - Implement and Make an Impact

This is the last step and the most important step. During step three we will lay out our findings and introduce our recommendations that will likely take 3 months to 12 months to fully implement. 

About Our Physician Financial Plans

Traditionally financial plans can be hundreds of pages of graphs and charts that make little impact during their presentation. Kerr Wealth Management creates tailored plans that are less than 10 pages and written in clear language so you are not thumbing through 200 pages of finance jargon. Our plans are living documents that are easily read and easy for us to reflect upon during our annual reviews with you and yours.

Financial Solutions for Physicians

  • Develop a Financial Road map.

  • Implement Tax Preferred Retirement Accounts; including 401(k), Profit Share Plans & Pension Plans.

  • Insurance Recommendations.

  • Tax Planning.

  • Portfolio Analysis. 

  • Investment Management.

  • Personal Cash Flow Planning.

  • Business Cash Flow Planning.

  • Business Cost Analysis.

  • Multi generational Wealth Transfer Strategies.

  • Retirement Plan Investment Management.

  • Employee Education.

  • Retirement Plan Administration.

  • Annual Portfolio Projections.

  • Developing a Business Overhead Expense Disability Program.

  • High Net worth Disability Solutions.

  • Developing Long-Term Tax-efficient Coordination of Investment Accounts.

  • Develop a Medical School Debt Payoff Program.

  • And more.

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