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Business Advisory Services

A smarter 401(k) solution, corporate tax preparation, pension plans and consulting. Integrated value, responsible financial advice for small businesses.

A good business starts with financial discipline. A great busines starts with structure and a plan. Dont wait to figure it out. Outsource help from finance professionals and business advisors who are small business, know small business and want to help your small business. 

Business Man

Our mission is simple...

We get it. 401(k) plans, taxes and investing can be complicated. That’s why Kerr Wealth Management in Fresno, CA has built a better solution for Fresno and California small businesses. Offer a plan that can help you attract and retain talent and help your employees save for their future while focusing on what they do best. 

Kerr Wealth provides strategic financial advice to small 

business owners. 

  • Reduce organizational slack.

  • Structure a budget.

  • Review business insurance and risk exposures.

  • Reduce tax liabilities.

  • Enhance wealth of employees and owners.

  • Review financial reports.

  • Analyze opportunities for pension plan and 401k savings.

Retirement Plans
  • 401(k) Plans

  • Defined Benefit Pensions

  • Cash Balance Plans

  • SIMPLE IRA Plans

  • SEP IRA Plans

Financial Advice
  • Succession Planning

  • Business Development

  • Slack reduction

  • Budget Planning

  • Tax Planning

  • Insurance Evalutation and Risk Exposure

Retirement Plan Administration
  • Retirement Plan Documents for 401(k) and Pension Plans

  • Pre-tax plans

  • Monthly Administration

  • Record Keeping

Corporate Tax Services
  • Corporate Tax Planning

  • Tax Minimization Planning

  • Tax Preparation and Filing

Tax Income Reports

Need a financial planner or financial checkup more than once a year?

Try our Business Plan Enhancement Plan

The Business Plan Enhancement Program is designed for successful business owners. An emphasis is placed on integrating both business and personal financial affairs and tax minimization so as to balance the day-to-day of managing your biggest asset and the risks of running your business with the security of personal finances.

Plan for Growth

Taking the time to assess the financial health of your business is critical and should be done on a routine basis. That's why we created our Business Plan Enhancement Program, a service platform designed to capture the key financial aspects of your business.

Plan with Integration

For many small businesses, their business is everything and it's personal. Our financial advisor's place emphasis on integrating the risks of running your business and managing your personal financial affairs so you can make confident decisions about your business and personal finances.

Business planning considerations we can help you with

Risk Planning

  • Succession Plans

  • Insurance and Risk Management

  • Disability and Overhead Expense 

Corporate Taxes

  • Corporate Tax Planning

  • Corporate Tax Preparation and Filing

  • Tax Reduction Planning

Financial Planning

  • Integrating Personal and Business Goals and Objectives.

  • Cash Flow Planning

  • Retirement Strategies

  • Retirement Plan Evaluations

  • Retirement Plan Investment Analysis

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