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Tailored investment management services for individual investment accounts, IRA's, SEP IRA, Joint accounts and more.

Investment Portfolio Management, Fresno, CA

From your taxable investment portfolio, IRA or 401(k), your investment portfolio should be a reflection of your goals, desires and interests. At Kerr Wealth Management we make it a point to help you figure that out with our tailored approach. Our portfolio management process begins with an evaluation and investment questionnaire process to help us and you better understand your end goal, investment interests and tolerance. If your just interested in developing a pure stock portfolio with your favorite companies or the next generation of AI, EV and microchip companies, we can do that. If your interested in developing a low cost and diversified ETF and mutual fund portfolio we can do that. If your completely new to investing and need help getting started without pesky account minimums, we can do that too.

Investment Approach

Behavioral Coaching

A critical benefit of working with a trusted advisor is having someone to help clients understand the impact financial decisions can have on their long term portfolio. At Kerr Wealth Management we regularly coach our clients through various stock market cycles and life decisions in effort to help them reach their lifetime financial goals.

Tax Management

Its no secret that taxes can have a substantial negative impact on your portfolio performance. It's not what you earn but what you keep. To achieve superior returns we work closely with our clients to help ensure strategies are implemented to preserve their estate and tax planning needs and investment return goals.

Asset Allocation

Customized asset allocation is at the core of our approach. Using an academic or factor approach helps our advisors target specific drivers of return across asset classes. Investing in factors can help improve portfolio outcomes, reduce volatility and enhance diversification.

Portfolio Rebalance

Rebalancing is the process of realigning the weightings of a portfolio of assets. Rebalancing involves periodically buying or selling assets in a portfolio to maintain an original desired level of asset allocation. Systematic rebalancing helps prevent the emotional aspect of investing and helps us buy low and sell high.

What kind of accounts do we manage?


Individual Investment Accounts

Traditional IRA's

Roth IRA's


Trust Accounts

Joint Investment Accounts

Custodial Accounts for Minors



401(k) Plans and Participant Accounts

SIMPLE IRA / 401(k) Plans

Cash Balance Plans

Defined Benefit Pension Plans

Corporate Investment Accounts

More on our investment approach

Managing Downside Risk
Simple terms: Many of our clients want to protect their portfolio while earning moderate gains. To achieve this objective, we use a few investment approaches and strive to design a portfolio model that makes sense for you.

Less simple terms: We may use Exchange Traded Funds (ETF), stocks or no load mutual funds. From time to time we may recommend a fixed income product for client's seeking asset preservation or garaunteed minimum returns. Our investment goal - remain properly diversified and manage risk according to your goals and long term income needs.


Expense Management
Many investors are faced with exorbitant investment costs which we believe are positively correlated with lower investment returns. Our belief, if investors know what they are paying and paying for, then they will have more confidence in their investment decisions. 


Portfolio Design & Diversification
Our investment portfolios aim to reduce the confusion of how to allocate your investment portfolio. 

  • We help you build your personalized investment policy statement.

  • Choose between ETF's or no load Mutual Funds. 

  • For the riskier investor, you may choose to have individual stocks in your account.

  • We re-balance quarterly or as needed.

  • Meet with your investment advisor as needed. (in person, web conference or other virtual methods).


We can help you build a portfolio for any stage of life including:

  • College savings.

  • Retirement income.

  • Growing your nest egg.

  • Preserving your inheritance.


How Do We Manage Portfolios?

Kerr Wealth Management can manage your portfolio on a discretionary basis. Managing your investment or retirement portfolio or trying to keep up with market trends can be a headache. At Kerr Wealth Management in Fresno, CA we offer portfolio management solutions that help get rid of the guess work.


What does discretionary mean?


  • It means we design and manage your investments. 

  • We provide discretionary portfolio management for individuals, businesses and pension plans.

  • For pension plans and 401(k) and 403(b) plans we offer both 3(21) and 3(38) investment advisory services.

What type of funds or investments do we use?

Our investment approach is a blend of low cost ETF’s, low cost mutual funds, stocks and bond funds. For clients looking for long term fixed income and downside protection we may recommend fixed indexed annuities, CD's, or individual bonds. 


We Do Not Chase The Benchmarks

It is very common for investment managers to use or compare to a benchmark, such as the S&P 500 Index or the Russel 3000. This, however, is not how our performance is measured. Our objective is to reach a targeted rate of return for you, based on your specific financial needs, risk tolerance and the investment policy statement that we design with you. Attempting to minimize performance deviation form a benchmark does not necessarily help you achieve your investment goals, especially when a benchmark drops as they tend to do from time to time.

*Diversification, smart beta, low cost ETF’s, stocks and mutual funds all carry risk specific to their security type and diversification does not mean low risk or mean that you cannot lose principal value. Investors should consider their risk tolerance or do some financial planning to help determine their risk tolerance and investment needs. Kerr Wealth Management may use investment models with ETF’s and mutual funds and or utilize individual stocks for clients with long term horizons or an appetite for risk in exchange for potential growth. This page is not an endorsement for any fund company mentioned. We mention fund company names for transparency. This is not a solicitation for a specific type of investment or security. (A conflict exists when we recommend fixed index annuities because a commission is payable to our affiliate Kerr Insurance Brokers, Inc.) Individual bonds, CD's and annuities are complex investment products and are evaluated on a case by case basis. CD's and bonds are evaluated based on credit quality, yield and timeframe of the client. Annuities are evaluated based on cap rates, participation rates and insurance company ratings.

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