What is a Real Estate IRA

What are Real Estate IRAs?

A real estate IRA is technically no different than any other IRA (or 401k). The government created the IRA to allow investments to grow tax-free or tax-deferred compounded over time to maximize growth. The IRA can also qualify for yearly tax-deductions (depending on the account), provide asset protection and assets can be passed to future generations.

A real estate IRA is unique because it allows investments in real property.

Most IRA custodians only allow approved stocks, bonds, mutual funds and CDs. A truly self directed IRA custodian or trust custodian, allows investors to hold both traditional investments in addition to any type of real estate investment, such as, residential real estate, commercial real estate, raw land, and mobile homes, etc.

*Self Directing your IRA may include risk, loss of some or all of your principal. Clients should do their research on the investment they are pursuing prior to committing their investment dollars. 

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