Real Estate IRA

Real Estate IRAs

Historically, real estate has given many Americans a stable investment vehicle that offers both income and appreciation. One of the greatest tools available to real estate investors is the self-directed IRA – a government-sponsored retirement plan that allows real property investments.

Most investors believe that their only IRA investment options are stocks, bonds, mutual funds and ETF's. Although we are a fan of traditional investments and manage tradional portfolios, we also think that from time to time a Self-Directed IRA with real estate makes sense for the right client at the right time. At Blosser Harrisson Wealth Management we have the capability to pull from a broad universe of investment opportunities and account types so we can design the proper tax and investment strategy for you.

Few Americans realize that they have the option to self-direct their IRAs and other retirement plans into real estate—and that they can benefit from the tax advantages those plans provide.

IRA investments earn tax-deferred/tax-free profits. Imagine not having to pay taxes right away—or ever—on your real estate deals. Instead of paying 25%, or 30%, or even 50% of your profits to the government in taxes, you keep it.

What We Do for Your Real Estate IRA

Cash Flow Analysis and Planning

The Advisory team at Kerr Wealth Management will not solicit a self directed IRA investment, rather our approach is helping you analyze, develop and manage an investment approach once you have identified the investment you want. Using a cash flow model and financial planning, we can help you determine if the real estate property you have chosen makes sense for you.

Professional Assistance

Aside from cash flow projections and investment analysis, the team at Kerr Wealth Management will work with you to establish your accounts through our trusted custodian and work side by side with your lender, CPA and real estate agent. Our job - guide you and look out for you as a coach.

Asset Management and Tax Planning

Once your property is purchased, you have to manage the cash flows, potential UBIT taxes, RMD's and assets deposited back into your IRA. That's where we come in. The advisory team at Kerr Wealth specializes in managing assets inside of your self directed IRA. We will work with you to design the proper asset allocation for your self directed IRA.

Video provided by Equity Trust Company (ETC) for educational purposes only. Kerr Wealth Management is not affiliated with ETC, does not solicit for ETC.

Kerr Wealth Management does use ETC as a non traditional asset custodial provider in addition to TD Ameritrade who is used for traditional investment  and

retirement accounts. Other trust custodians are available and may charge different fees for similar or the same services.