Real Estate Investment Planning and Analysis

Investing in real estate requires great skill, regulatory guidelines, capital and knowledge. Most importantly, having the right team of advisors to help you avoid financial pitfalls. 

Rule #1 - Avoid purchasing a property from a high pressure real estate agent.

Rule #2 - Don't fall in love with the property.

Rule #3 - Have a cash flow model and backup plan.

Rule #4 - Understand the risks.

Rule #5 - Consult with your tax professional.

We think real estate can be a rewarding long term investment but we also think diligence is required for each and every property. Every piece of real estate is as unique as you are and requires proper appraisals, lending and analysis. 

Real Estate Financial Planning Services

  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Past Net Operating Income (NOI)
  • Projected Net Operating Income (NOI)
  • Cap Rate Analysis (Your annual return)
  • Operating Expenses
  • Operating Income
  • What If Scenarios
  • Property Tax Projections
  • Comparison Analysis (If you are comparing multiple properties)
  • Helping you hire your team of property managements and real estate agents.

10  Key Areas to Consider When Buying Investment Rental Property

  1. Unexpected Costs
  2. Property Taxes
  3. Occupancy Rate
  4. Cap Rate or 1% Rule
  5. Property Management
  6. Condition of the Building
  7. Neighborhood
  8. Insurance Costs
  9. Marketing Your Rental
  10. Closing Costs