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Fee-only Financial Advisor services for individuals

Kerr Wealth Management is committed to helping individuals and families manage their most important financial decisions. Like most people, financial planning and retirement savings is high on your priority list but knowing where to start and who to turn to for help is often overwhelming. Fortunately, Andrew Kerr and the team at Kerr Wealth Management offer a straight forward fee-only approach to personal financial planning. Andrew uses a consultative approach  to help you address your individual or family financial needs.

Starting your personalized financial plan is easier then you think.

Did you know a proper retirement plan can help you...

  • Prepare for life events and what if scenarios.
  • Build a personalized financial life plan.
  • Allign your goals with your money and portfolio.
  • Figure out how to allocate for future goals.
  • Become a smarter investor.
  • Plan for a secure retirement.
  • Decide what to do with your 401(k) accounts.
  • Make decisions about your employee stock options.
  • Decide whether to rent, buy (or sell) your home.
  • Understand your insurance needs.
  • Plan for child and college expenses. 
  • Invest in individual stocks, ETF's and no load mutual funds.
  • Manage tax liability.
  • Design tax efficient draw down strategies.
  • Optimize social security.
  • Illustrate cash flow and income in retirement.
  • Integrated banking solutions and budgeting.
  • Debt management and strategy.
  • Decide if you need life insurance or disability and how much.

*Andrew is a licensed insurance agent and may recommend insurance solutions that may result in a client purchasing insurance through Andrew. This can create a conflict of interest as additional compensation may be made from the recommendation. 

Additional Financial Planning Services for Individuals

  • Wealth Management
  • Financial Life Planning
  • Life Transition Planning
  • Retirement Planning (Cloud based or in person)
  • Financial Planning (Cloud based or in person)
  • Insurance Planning
  • Portfolio Management
  • Investment Analysis
  • Portfolio Design
  • Investments in Retirement
  • Investments for College Savings
  • 401(k) Rollovers

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