Our Advisor Fees

Considering how an investment advisor is compensated is crucial for investors.

Our financial planning and asset management fee structure is simple: We disclose them up front and we are fee-only. We do not work for commissions, we do not sell loaded mutual funds and we do not sell insurance investment products like cash value life insurance or annuities.

We believe a fee only structure aligns our interests with yours. We do employee investment custodians to hold your assets and they do have their standard charges for trades made by us, on your behalf. However, we are not paid any of those charges when we complete trade orders. In fact, we do our best to keep fees charged to your account at a minimum. Our model is different than many commission based stock brokers, annuity agents or hybrid financial advisers who have many ways of earning hidden commissions and fees. 

Lastly, we believe that commission based financial products are positively correlated with negative returns and poor results.

Our Fees

Portfolio management fees: A percentage of assets we manage for you. 

Financial Planning and Retirement Plan Administration: Hourly