Cash Value Life Insurance Reviews

Kerr Wealth Management provides Life Insurance reviews locally in Fresno, Clovis and throughout the Central Valley and throughout the entire state of California. BHWM is helping everyday people avoid the pitfalls of using universal life insurance as a retirement vehicle. Too often investors are talked into converting retirement assets or talked out of contributing to a qualified retirement plan. These decisions may not be in your best interest and could be hurting your future savings power. The Financial Advisors at Kerr work with many clients in proper placement of life insurance however, we regard life insurance as an asset protection vehicle, not a pure investment. 

Have you been harmed by Whole Life or Cash Value Life Insurance? Not sure how much your policy is costing you? 

There is nothing worse than buyers remorse, especially when it comes to your lifetime savings. Over the years we have met with many clients who were sold cash value index life insurance or whole life insurance and cant understand where their money is going or how the policy works.

At Kerr Wealth Management we can help you cut through the noise of what index universal life or whole life insurance really costs you.

While life insurance can be a valuable tool for a surviving spouse, business partner or family; we believe life insurance should be used just for insurance and not an investment.

Through our exhaustive research and experiences we have uncovered the truth about cash value life insurance, the high paying commissions to life insurance salesman and the high fee structure relative to a traditional fee based investment account.

What We Can Do..

Verify if you have the right kind of life insurance.

Help you understand the cost of your universal insurance policy.

Identify hidden load charges and fees.

Understand why you might not need permanent life insurance.

Provide a comparison of cash value life insurance to a real investment portfolio.

Help you understand what cash value is actually for.

Help you understand why life insurers love to sell you life insurance.

Help you understand why your guarantee is not a guarantee.

Identify how much your cost of insurance may be going up each year.

Get out of your policy.

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What We Don't Do..

Sell universal life insurance.

Recommend universal life insurance as an investment.

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Why You Should Consider a Life Insurance Review

If the numbers don't add up.

If you are losing money.

If you are receiving lapse notices.

If you don't understand where your money is going.

You want to know how much the insurance company makes off of your money compared to you.

Want to learn about buying term life insurance and investing the rest.

Discovered your cost of insurance is going up.

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What fees might you find in your policy?

  • Premium expense / sales load charge.
  • Administrative fees.
  • Policy fees.
  • Increasing death benefit costs.
  • Agent commissions in excess of 60%-110% of the first year premium. 
  • Total fees range from 4% to 12% per month of your premiums.

Common Issues with Whole Life and Cash Value Life Insurance

Through our research and client reviews we have discovered the following common issues:

  • Net losses of negative 20% - negative 50%.
  • Remember: the S&P 500 has averaged a 10% return for the past 20 years and 7% after accounting for inflation. 
  • No liquidity for up to 15 years. 
  • Surrender charges of up to 100% of your cash value
  • Many of the policies were sold through unfortunate recruiting schemes from non finance professionals.

Helpful Tips

  • Stay away from anyone selling you "no downside risk and only upside potential."
  • Review your policies carefully.
  • Avoid anyone who does not have a place of business, references or life insurance agents disguising themselves as "Financial Counselors." 
  • Remember this: insurance companies do not invest in their own products. In fact, they invest in stocks, bonds and real estate. So, why should you buy a product that the life insurance carrier's wouldn't buy themselves.
  • If you want tax deductions - you can only get them inside of traditional financial vehicles. Those are: IRA's, 401(k), SIMPLE plan, Profit Sharing and SEP's, to name a few.

If you have questions about a policy you purchased from a life insurance agent in the past five years, please call us and we can help you understand the truth behind variable life insurance, index universal life and "hybrid policies."

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