Financial Planning for Businesses

Retirement Plans

  • 401(k) Plans
  • Profit Share Plans
  • SEP IRA's
  • Defined Benefit Plans
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Plan Administration Services

  • Retirement Plan Documents for 401(k) and Profit Share Plans.
  • 5500 Filing and 5500EZ Filing
  • Pre Tax Plans (Section 125 Cafeteria Plans)
  • Monthly Administration 

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Financial Advisory and Coaching 

  • Comprehensive Business Financial Plans
  • Succession Planning
  • Business Development
  • Tax Planning
  • Risk Management and Loss Control
  • On-going coaching and development services (Business Plan Enhancement Program)
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Need something on a regular basis? Try our enhancement program!


The Business Plan Enhancement Program is designed for successful business owners. An emphasis is placed on integrating both business and personal financial affairs, so as to balance the day-to-day of managing your biggest asset and the risks of running your business with the security of personal finances.


Plan for Disability

A disabling event can potentially put your small business or medical practice out of business. The Advisor's at Blosser Harrison will work with you to design a revenue protection approach that can potentially cover not only your income but all your business operating expenses too.

Plan for Taxes

As you already know, being a business owner in California doesn't come without paying your fair share of taxes. Let our financial advisor's work with you to design an efficient tax planning strategy to help you reduce your tax liability. We have helped clients throughout California design Profit Share plans to 401(k) plans in order to lower their taxes.

Plan for Succession

Many small and medium sized business in CA are partnerships, corporations or non profits with partners. What do you do if your partner passes away? Will your business sustain? Will their spouse be your new partner? Is there a trust involved? These are just a few aspects to a partnership that need to be considered carefully. The team of advisors and consultants at Kerr Wealth Management will with you to design the proper key man or succession plan. 

Plan for Change

Are you searching for an Advisor Consultant to help you change your current 401(k), or retirement plan provider? Or perhaps this is your first time considering hiring an Advisor to help you with your business? Take 30 minutes to talk with Andrew Kerr, our founder and financial advisor about the many benefits to working with a fee only financial advisor for your California business.

Plan for Growth

Taking the time to assess the financial health of your business is critical and should be done on a routine basis. That's why we created our Business Plan Enhancement Program, a service platform designed to capture the key financial aspects of your business.

Plan for Integration 

For many small businesses, their business is them. Our financial advisor's place emphasis on integrating the risks of running your business and managing your personal financial affairs so you can make confident decisions about your business and personal finances.

*From time to time Kerr Wealth Management may recommend a specific retirement plan which may result in establishing a retirment plan, 401(k), profit share or pension plan which will result in Kerr Wealth Management managing retirement assets and would result in additional compensation. From time to time Kerr Wealth Managment may recommend an insurance product or an insurance product may be required or recommended by your CPA or attorney. This creates a conflict of interest because additional compensation may be earned by implementing such recommendations. 

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