Kerr Wealth Management is a fee-only Financial Advisory Firm in Fresno, CA.

Hi, I'm Andrew Kerr, a Fee Only Financial Advisor in Fresno, CA . Welcome to my firm, Kerr Wealth Management,  A Registered Investment Advisor. We work with families in Fresno and Clovis, CA and throughout the state. Many of them happen to be business owners, physicians, farmers, nurses and retirees. Scroll down to learn more about who we are and what we do.


Planning & Advice

Retire on your terms. Proper cash flow planning can help you get a better idea of what your future might look like.

About You

It's about you.  Nothing is conflict free but we do our best to help you where you need it the most.

Straight Forward

Keep it simple. Using a straight forward fee-only approach you can hopefully plan and invest with confidence.

Financial Planning

Using a fee-only approach, we create holistic financial plans and provide a variety of individual and business consulting services. Always with you in mind our financial advisors will listen.

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Investment Management

Using a strategy based on your personal tolerance and risk helps us implement a portfolio that in line with your investment goals.

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401(K) & Retirement Plans

Kerr Wealth Management can help your business with qualified retirement plans including 401(k), profit share, SIMPLE IRA's and SEP IRA plans. Together, our team can offer a retirement plan solution for your small business.

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Retirement Planning

Deciding on when to retire is a big decision. The financial advisors at Kerr Wealth Management can help you make informed retirement decisions and establish a cash flow model.

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Employer Solutions

Looking for a  retirement plan advisor for your California business or company 401(K)? Employers hire us for investment decisions, 401(k) and retirement plans. With home base in Fresno, CA Kerr Wealth Management can be your strategic retirement partner anywhere in the golden state of California.

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Individual Financial Advice and Retirement

Kerr Wealth Management and it's Financial Advisor's specialize in holistic life-cycle financial planning and investment management. Holistic means we start by exploring what money represents to you and aligning your finances and investments with your life.

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Our Clients Engage Us For Experienced Financial Advice


  • Tax-efficient coordination of investment assets across various types of accounts.
  • Strategizing the ultimate backup retirement financing.
  • Developing a plan that identifies a required rate of return on all investment assets.
  • Identifying a required rent roll and cap rate on an investment rental property.
  • How to minimize lifetime taxes through distributions of your taxable, tax-deferred, and tax-free accounts.
  • Implementing the right withdrawal rates and RMD's during retirement.
  • Multi-bucket Roth conversions to slash income taxes and minimize the widow tax.
  • Knowing how they can retire, when they can retire, and if they actually have enough money.
  • Understanding and planning for catastrophic long-term medical expenses.
  • Strategizing the ultimate backup retirement financing.
  • Social Security timing, delaying, and claiming decisions.
  • And much, much more!

Our Financial Planning Process

Need a Financial Plan? Choose from our flagship programs:

#1 The Comprehensive Program

The Comprehensive Program is a comprehensive dive into almost all aspects of your life or business. Through the Comprehensive Program, we take your entire life - both financial and personal and put them into a financial plan that can assist with making informed decisions for your future.


#2 The Retirement Zoomer

The Retirement Zoomer is usually a 2-3 hour financial planning "event." It's not as detailed as the Comprehensive Program and may not cover all aspects but it can be a very valuable tool in helping us and you discover what needs to happen before and after retirement.


Easy Ways to Start Saving for Retirement

Starting from just $1.00 in savings, if you saved $100 per month for just 10 years and earned 6.5%, you could have $16,842.23. Start saving today and you might be pleasantly surprised.

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