401(k) and Business Retirement Plans Fresno, CA

Retirement Plans and 401(k) for California businesses

Overwhelmed with your retirement plan choices? Need a bigger tax deduction?

Choosing the correct retirement plan is an important step for your business. Working with a team of fee only investment advisors and retirement plan consultants can help guide you to the right plan and help with your tax planning needs. At Kerr Wealth Management we make the process easy by integrating both investment advisory and plan administration so you no longer have to find a plan administrator to manage your filings and record keeping services and find a third party investment manager. Combining these services allows you to save money and make it easy manage.

Our Business Retirement Plans and 401(k) Solutions

Traditional 401(k)

A 401(k) offers many flexible benefits for employees and plan sponsors including making full or partial matches, saving for retirement through pretax and Roth 401(k) contributions, take loans or self direct. 

Safe Harbor 401(k)

Safe Harbor 401(k) plans could be the solution you need because they automatically meet certain nondiscrimination (ERISA) testing, maximizes salary deferrals for high-wage employees and they are easy to administer.

Solo 401(k)

Great for the one man band. A Solo 401(k) allows solo business owners with no employees (except for certain family members) to maximize salary deferrals without any compliance testing.


Like the name implies, these are simple plans also known as Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employers. Typically useful for businesses with less than 25 employees. 

Profit Sharing Plans

A profit share plan can be a powerful retention tool for businesses who want to retain talent and divide up discretionary contributions among employees. 


A Simplified Employee Pension provides self employed or small business owners with an easy method to contribute toward their employees retirement as well as their own. 

Why you should choose Kerr Wealth Management as your small business retirement plan advisor?

First and foremost, we hold ourselves to a fiduciary standard and put your needs first. Secondly, we do not sell investment products or investment insurance products. Most importantly for you, we do it all in house, not through a third party who may not have your best interest in mind. Even more importantly, our process makes it affordable for you to start a small business 401(k).

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